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    Paradox Announces Stellaris: Galaxy Command for iOS and Android

    Paradox Interactive has announced Stellaris: Galaxy Command, a sci-fi strategy mobile game based on the worlds of Stellaris. In the aftermath of a devastating, inter-dimensional invasion, the victorious galactic community must now pick up the pieces and rebuild their civilizations. Players are given control of their own orbital space station in a persistent, player-driven world to aid in the reconstruction of their space empire. However, the war was not won alone and it will be up to the players to make alliances, negotiate and directly impact each others’ recoveries in this unique Stellaris adventure.



    Players globally can pre-register here and players in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden can join the beta on the Google Play Store here or the App Store here.

    The inter-dimensional invasion which has laid waste to our universe is finally over, and a time of rebuilding is upon us. Join the Galactic Redevelopment Initiative, take charge of your own orbital space station, forge new alliances, and re-establish control over vast, lost sectors of space. Hardcore strategy on a galactic scale is now at your fingertips in Stellaris: Galaxy Command!

    Stellaris: Galaxy Command features include:

    • Alliances in a persistent, player-controlled universe: Take part in a massive, persistent world controlled entirely by players. Forging alliances is key, and the galactic map changes based on the actions of you, your allies, and your rivals. How you build and expand your empire, tax or trade with others, and construct defensive structures will have real consequences for other players.
    • Space Station Management: Take charge of your own orbital space station as one of many enterprising individuals committed to making their mark on a rebuilt galaxy. Expand your station, research new technologies, and extend your influence throughout the stars.
    • Ethics: Lead your empire with ethics that define your civilization and its guiding principles. Your decisions in-game can influence your ethics, and the consequences of your actions will have ramifications not only for your station, but also for the entire alliance.
    • Powerful Fleets: Establish your fleet and flex your intergalactic military might. Expand your fleet, arm it with the latest technology, and work together with allies to take control of entire galaxies.
    • Mysteries of the Universe: Rebuild galactic civilization after a near-catastrophic interdimensional alien invasion, making new discoveries and writing your own story along the way.
    • Galactic Strategy in Bite-Sized Bursts: Designed for short play sessions, you can check on your station, fleet, and alliance throughout the day. Make sure your station is constantly researching and expanding and your fleet is building up and rearming to deal with new threats.
    • An Authentic Stellaris Experience on Mobile: The definitive space strategy comes to mobile with visuals, characters, and an original storyline that fans of Stellaris will find intimately familiar and immersive.

    For more information, check out the website here!


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