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    Mobile Game Giant, Netmarble, Recorded $424.6 million in Sales Based on Q1 2019 Financial Results.

    Netmarble Corp., one of the leading mobile game companies worldwide, published their financial results for the first quarter of 2019. The company posted sales of $424.6 million [₩477.6 billion], an operating profit of $30.2 million [₩33.9 billion], and a net profit of $37.6 million [₩42.3 billion] for 2019’s first quarter. – In short, that’s shit loads of money. 

    Notable Sales by Titles. 
    Netmarble’s slate of MMORPG games, including Blade & Soul Revolution and Lineage 2: Revolution, accounted for 32% of total sales in the first quarter of 2019.

    The company’s other RPG titles, such as Seven Knights and Marvel Future Fight, accounted for 30% of the total first-quarter sales.

    Casual games, including Everybody’s Marble and Cookie Jam (Jam City), yielded 26% of Netmarble’s total sales in 2019’s first quarter.

    Overseas sales also accounted for 60% ($255.9 million [₩287.9 billion]) of Netmarble’s total sales. Notable titles across the globe include Marvel Contest of Champions (Kabam)Cookie Jam (Jam City), and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery in Western regions. Lineage 2: Revolution also continues to perform steadily in Japan.

    CEO of Netmarble Says… 
    “While there were no new titles launched in Q1, we expect positive results in the second quarter with highly-anticipated upcoming launches. These include The King of Fighters Allstar, Seven Deadly Sins: GRAND CROSS, and BTS WORLD in big markets like Japan, North America, and South Korea,”

    Next for Netmarble.

    For Netmarble’s second quarter, the company is developing several titles across various genres, including BTS World in the global market, and Seven Deadly Sins: GRAND CROSS in South Korea and Japanese markets.

    BTS World and Seven Deadly Sins: GRAND CROSS are expected to launch in June. The King of Fighters Allstar is anticipated to launch in the West later this year following the game’s South Korea launch on May 9, which is showing good performance as it is ranked in the top 5 grossing games on Apple App Store and Google Play since launch.

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