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    Karakin Map Arrives in PUBG Mobile

    The latest content update has arrived for PUBG Mobile with its new Karakin Map, gameplay mechanics and weapons. This new compact map introduces the Panzerfaust rocket launcher and Sticky Bombs. These two weapons will easily complement the two new Demolition Mode and Thin Wall Bullet Penetration mechanic. All this will be available for free when players update PUBG Mobile to Version 1.3.

    Here is the summary of the update.

    Key features launching with the Karakin Map:
    • New Mechanic: Demolition Zone – If you find yourself in a purple area on the Mini-map when the alarm sounds, start running! The Demolition Zone causes random damage to buildings, and can ultimately destroy them and everything inside.
    • New Mechanic: Thin Wall Bullet Penetration – bullet penetration has been added to the thinnest walls in Karakin, adding a new strategic layer or danger for players hiding behind damaged walls.
    • New Throwable Weapon: The Sticky Bomb – these adhesive throwables stick to walls and can blow them up, creating broken buildings with new shooting angles and breach points, meaning players can get creative when attacking buildings. Sticky Bombs are also the key to finding hidden spaces in Karakin.
    • New Firearm: The Panzerfaust – A single-use weapon that spawns randomly and is a fixed drop from air drops in Karakin, the Panzerfaust deploys rockets that explode on impact, dealing damage to players within the blast zone. The rockets can also damage thin walls and penetrate objects at short distances. Make sure there are no friendlies behind you, as the Panzerfaust’s powerful blowback damages all nearby players.

    The Vikendi map will be temporarily removed from Classic Mode in PUBG Mobile as Karakin is released. Players can still enjoy Vikendi by creating a custom room.

    PUBG Mobile is available to download for free via the App Store and Google Play Store.

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