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    Honor of Kings x Burberry Exclusive In-Game Content

    TiMi Studios has announced today that they will be working with luxury brand Burberry to create two exclusive skins for Honor of Kings. Both of the skins will be designed by Burberry chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci for the game popular heroine Yao. This will be Tisci’s first foray into design for a video game.

    This collaboration centres around the “Spirit of Nature,” drawing on Burberry and TiMi’s long-standing exploration of the relationship between humans and nature. The fashion house’s affinity to the outdoors links harmoniously with the character Yao, who takes the form of a deer and embodies the spirit of nature. Burberry’s signature gabardine, pioneered by founder Thomas Burberry and designed to protect the wearer against the elements, fits seamlessly with Yao, who personifies the role of a protector for her teammates.

    Through Yao’s ‘Spirit of The Forest & Ocean’ Legend skin, Burberry is also expanding the popular ‘Legend’ skin line in Honor of Kings by using one of its runway looks from the Spring/Summer 2021 collection ‘In Bloom.’ This collection is inspired by the concepts of regeneration, dynamic youth and reconnecting with nature. Yao’s look draws upon the collection’s mythical marine references and features a warm royal blue collarless trench coat and a crystal-embroidered vest. When Yao transforms into a deer, her crystal body pulsates blue light.

    The exclusive Burberry skins will be available to purchase for all Honor of Kings players in mainland China. The skins will then remain part of the players’ permanent collection. Besides that, Honor of Kings also cooperates with the World Wild Fund (WWF) to launch the “Spirit of Nature Guardian Program”. This program will aid in the protection of the natural habitats of Milu deer, reflecting the relationship between humanity and nature with a concrete action.

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