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    Guardian Tales holds a FREE Summon event!

    Since its global launch in July, Guardian Tales is the mobile game everyone’s been talking about. This Adventure RPG is packed with addictive puzzles and deep storyline quests. With over 60 heroes to collect, players will assemble a team of 4 and choose from hundreds of equipment to equip the heroes for their knightly journey. And for those who enjoy character collection, Guardian Tales just released another exciting 2-week special event where players can pull x10 summons per day for free! If you would like to check the game out, you can download it for free.

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    To commemorate a special occasion, Guardian Tales is holding another 50 FREE Summon event! Players can summon x10 per day for free and can choose any type of summon they desire, whether it’s a featured Hero, a must-have equipment, or just a regular Hero or Equipment summon.

    Moreover, players now have a higher chance of getting a unique Hero or rare Equipment than ever before.

    The event will be out for only 10 days so make sure to log in and summon for 5 days straight! Who knows what treasure you’ll get in the summons!

    Event date: 26 Sep – 5 Oct (Server Times)

    And not only that! Guardian Tales has finally published not just a new hero, but also a newly released main chapter! And to commemorate its release, Guardian Tales has made an event where players can collect event points in Chapter stages and Rifts, or even in the Colosseum and Arena!

    The more event points players collect the more rewards they can receive it with.

    To get the latest news of the game, you can check out their Facebook page or interact with other Players on their Discord server. See you there!

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