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    Metallic Child sets its sights for September 16th release

    Roguelike action game Metallic Child sets to be launched digitally on September 16th for Switch and PC, followed by PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2021, as announced by publisher Crest and developer Studio Hg. “Grab, hurl, and eliminate” Rogue-lite Core-Action!! A large-scale rebellion erupts within the spacecraft “Life Stream.”

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    Metallic Child is a rogue-lite, core-action game, featuring Rona, an android known as “Metallic Child,” taking place in a space laboratory in the latter part of the 20th century.

    A large-scale rebellion has taken place in the space laboratory Life Stream.
    All robots aboard, with the exception of Rona and Pan, are conspiring to crash Life Stream into planet Earth.

    Rona has stood up to stop this plot, and you will be the one to guide Rona by remotely operating her through this “game.”

    ■ Core Grabbing, Rogue-lite, Core-Action

    Hardcore action utilizing randomized item distribution, characteristic of a rogue-lite game, and a system of strengthening by robbing Cores from enemies.
    This game is sure to provide players with a fresh, new experience.

    ■ “Grab, hurl, and eliminate!”

    This is not just some ordinary hack-and-slash game, but also includes elements of a beat’ em up!
    You can grab enemies and use them as a shield, hurl them against others, or even mash them into a wall to deal damage.

    ■ Devastating Battles Against a Multifarious Fleet of Bosses

    Rona will be facing numerous bosses who try to thwart her efforts.
    Rona will be tormented by the unique skills possessed by these bosses.
    But, by defeating them, Rona can obtain their skills and use it to go against even stronger bosses.

    ■ An Interactive Story and Quests

    You, the gamer, will be operating Rona remotely from Earth. You and Rona will be interacting with many NPCs while exploring the ship, to get to the truth of the rebellion.
    What exactly happened that day in the spaceship… You, not just as a player, but as a key character of this game, are soon to find out.

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