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    Metal Mind showcases some Mecha and Roguelite action in a Teaser Trailer

    Developer Whirllaxy Studio and publisher Yooreka Studio teased some elements of top down action of Metal Mind, combining both Mecha transformations and Roguelite. Metal Mind is set for PC release with no date announcement yet.

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    Metal Mind is a top-down shooting game that combines Mecha transformations and Roguelite, inspired by Metal Max and other Roguelites. You are presented with various American Mechas and thrilling weapons in pixel art. Have fun with transforming your Mechas with hundreds of parts and too many Builds to count!❤

    The Fate of the Anthropomorphized AI

    AWC, an organization composed of politicians, scientists, engineers, and secret agents, believes that robots should not have sentience and has begun arresting robots around the world to deprive them of their higher functions and enslaving them.

    Seeking Free Will (Robot)

    As a robot that has awoken, the character will encounter arms dealers, scientists, fellow robots, Chappie, RoboCop, and Pilot on its journey against oppression.Feel and experience what is freedom to a being made of metal and wires.

    All Ablaze

    Cannon on the shoulder? Defensive armor protecting the body? Equip an astonishing 130mm naval artillery? Everything goes!

    Transformation Checklist

    • Heat—————————————✔
    • Weapon Spinning SPD————✔
    • Cooldown——————————✔
    • Power————————————✔
    • Ability————————————✔
    • Automata——————————✔
    • Armor Piece—————————✔
    • Projectile ——————————✔
    • Load ————————————✔

    Remember: Not all transformations provide benefits

    Robot Assembly Guide

    Build a war machine by assembling four parts and transforming hundreds of times. All assembled parts and applied transformation have their own weight.
    Body: Determines survivability. Some come with combat abilities.

    Core: Determines Power Cap and Power Restoration Speed.

    Actuator: Provides Basic Movement Speed and Max Load. Some come with displacement abilities.

    Weapons: Different weapons spin at different speeds and produce different degrees of Heat.

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