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    Malaysia’s Online Gaming Conference and Festival, LEVEL UP SPACEBAR and PLAY-ONE Coming This June!

    Amidst the COVID-19 crisis and knowing the growing popularity of Southeast Asia’s largest gaming festival, LEVEL UP KL, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is organizing a satellite event to bring the gamer community together. Set for June 2020, the goal is to continue exploring and developing Malaysia’s games industry.

    Designed to attract both businesses and the public alike, this new online event consists of LEVEL UP SPACEBAR and LEVEL UP PLAY-ONE. The former, which will run on June 16, 2020, will be targeting businesses and game publishers. As for the latter, it is a gaming festival that is open to the public that will be running on June 13 and 14, 2020.

    With both events being hosted online, anyone can take part in the comfort and safety of their homes. MDEC will also be collaborating with Astro’s eGG Network to extend selected broadcast streams around Malaysia and its neighbouring countries. The content streams will be mostly from the LEVEL UP PLAY-ONE webinars. More than 16 speakers from across the region – be it renowned streamers to esports operators – will be sharing their knowledge about esports opportunities and challenges during the pandemic.

    As for the games that will be streamed during the 12-hour official broadcast on Facebook Gaming, it will feature a diverse range of local and global major videogame titles. All of them will offer something for everyone, from casual gamers to sports enthusiasts, and core fans of competitive titles.

    “The world has been in isolation for weeks now due to the pandemic. Even so, there are multiple gaming events taking place now on the global and regional fronts. As MDEC, we will take the lead in creating an event that all gamers can get into. After all, we want to show the public our continuous support by hosting LEVEL UP PLAY-ONE. The main aim is to help our fellow countrymen, and gamers around Southeast Asia, feel less isolated by continuing to push the local, and regional, gaming industry. Join us as we showcase and play games of all varieties, from AAA types to popular titles that our fellow ASEAN game developers worked on, and big hits that our fellow Malaysians made. Let’s play a part this June – together!”


    Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, Vice President, Digital Creative Content, MDEC

    As Malaysia’s video games development industry has become the focal point for Southeast Asia, with multiple global studios setting up around Kuala Lumpur, it is now striving towards being a global powerhouse. In doing so, it aims to take this thriving sector to the next level through empowering various related market segments, attract more investments, and create more job opportunities for digital talents. In many ways, this embodies the vision of
    transforming Malaysia into the Heart of Digital ASEAN.

    “We look forward to this collaboration with MDEC as we believe that LEVEL UP PLAY-ONE is exactly what gamers in the region need at this moment. eGG Network has been engaging our fans with the “Stay Home” message throughout this pandemic via our content streams. We hope that all gaming fans in the region will tune in and enjoy the digital festivities and content we have in store at LEVEL UP PLAYONE.”


    CK Lee, Head of Sports, eGG Network, Astro

    LEVEL UP PLAY-ONE will showcase the latest games created by Malaysian studios and publishers during its two-day run. Part of the event will see game enthusiasts and professional players all over the world being able to download and play the games, share it via social media and stand a chance to win exclusive gifts.

    Additionally, online tournaments will also be planned and enable players to compete in locally-made games and win prize pools of more than RM10,000 in cash.

    Prospective gamers can register now via LEVEL UP KL’s website to secure their place in LEVEL UP PLAY-ONE.

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