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    Logitech’s New Line-Up of Gaming Gears Are Coming This September

    Logitech introduced a new collection of gaming gear that celebrates self-expression and the fun side of gaming. The centerpiece of the new Logitech G-Series Color Collection is the G733 LightSpeed Wireless Gaming Headset.
    Featuring four vibrant colors, the new G733 gaming headset is a full-featured, wireless headset that fits with your style and helps make your gaming experience more reflective of your world. Rounding out the Color Collection is the G102 and G304 Gaming Mice.

    “As gaming becomes a bigger part of pop culture, personal expression, and style have become a huge part of a gamers’ identity,” “With that in mind we set out to design a collection of high-performance gaming gear in a fun and colorful way.”

    Ujesh Desai – General Manager of Logitech G

    The new G733 wireless headset comes in your choice of White and Black. It only weighs 278g, features new colorful and reversible suspension headbands, and comes equipped with soft dual-layer memory foam earpads that conform to your head, making it one of the most comfortable headsets Logitech G has ever designed.

    “We set out to design a full-featured headset that lets people show off their
    personalities,” “The G733 and available accessories do just that. It’s a reliable, high quality gaming headset that fits with your environment and lets you display your individual expression without compromising on technology.”

    Tiffany Beers – head of audio engineering at Logitech G

    In addition to the G733, gamers can choose from Black or White versions of the Logitech G102 Lightsync Gaming Mouse and G304 Wireless Gaming Mouse.

    The Logitech G733 LightSpeed Wireless Gaming Headset is expected to retail for RM699 MSRP. The Logitech G304 retails for RM245 and the Logitech G102 LightSync Gaming Mouse retails for RM109. All products are expected to be available in September of 2020.

    Key Features;

    • LightSpeed Wireless: Total freedom with up to 20 meters wireless range with
      LightSpeed wireless. Keep playing with 29+ hours of battery life (headset at 50%
      volume). Play wirelessly on PlayStation 4 with Stereo Sound.
    • LightSync RGB: Front-facing, dual-zone LightSync RGB lighting. Personalize
      your headset lighting across the full spectrum, ~16.8M colors or choose from
      preset animations or create your own with G HUB software. 3
    • Ultra Lightweight: G733 is a full-featured wireless gaming headset, weighing
      only 278 g for long-lasting comfort.
    • Colorful, Cool Design: Style and comfort. Available in White and Black, the
      headset features a reversible suspension headband designed for ultimate
      comfort during long play sessions. Each G733 colorway has its own unique
      headband design.
    • Detachable Mic with Blue Voice Technology: Advanced mic filters that make
      your voice sound richer, cleaner, and more professional. Customize with G HUB
      and fine-tune your sound. G733 is Discord Certified for guaranteed clear
      communication with friends.
    • PRO-G Drivers: Hear every audio cue with breathtaking clarity and feel the
      deep booming bass. PRO-G drivers significantly reduce distortion and
      reproduce precise, consistent, and rich sound quality.
    • DTS Headphone X 2.0 Surround Sound: Next-gen surround sound brings your
      music and gaming to life. Hear enemies and pick up subtle environmental
      cues with the latest DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround sound technology

    System Requirements;

    • USB port, 3.5 mm audio port
    • PC with Windows® 7 or later, macOS X 10.12 or later or Playstation 4 Gaming
      Console (3)
    • (Optional) Internet access for Logitech G HUB

    Technical Specifications;

    • Headphone;
      ○ Weight: 278 g
      ○ Driver: PRO-G 40 mm
      ○ Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
      ○ Impedance: 39 Ohms (Passive), 5k Ohms (Active)
      ○ Sensitivity: 87.5 dB SPL/mW
      ○ Battery Life: 29 hours (no RGB Lighting)
    • Microphone;
      ○ Microphone Pickup Pattern: Cardioid (Unidirectional)
      ○ Condenser Size: 6mm
      ○ Frequency response:100Hz–10KHz
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