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    Lightspeed slashing action, Mononoke Slashdown coming in October 31

    2D fast-paced action slasher, Mononoke Slashdown is launching for Switch digitally via Nintendo eShop on October 31 as announced by publisher Arc System Works and developer FK Digital, with added English language support.

    Play as apprentice ninja, Kagemaru

    Armed with ninjutsu arts, kunai daggers and a katana, Kagemaru is set to defeat evil in order to return the city back to its people. Defeating ghost and demons will reward you with in-game currency, allowing you to purchase more powerful gears, weapons and new ninjutsu techniques as a power-up. Furthermore, each stage’s will come with extra secret challenges.

    First launched in PlayStation Mobile, Mononoke Slashdown will be coming to you on October 31, 2019, for Switch.

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