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    Keep kitty alive in A Street Cat’s Tale, indie survival game soon arriving for the Switch

    Publisher and developer CFK will be releasing A Street Cat’s Tale for the Nintendo Switch where players must ensure the survival of this abandoned kitten in the streets it dwells in.



    An adorable little kitten, separated from its mother. Forced to survive for up to 10 days in a big city, scrounging for food and shelter. How will you keep this kitten alive? meet a variety of interesting people and animals. Some will feed you and help take care of you, while others may be surprisingly mean and cruel.

    This heart-warming story is told through beautiful retro-style graphics and features a large cast of memorable characters. Do your best to have it interact with others and the world to somehow keep it alive. With eleven endings available, connect with other animals and people well to make sure your ending is well worth the time.

    This new Nintendo Switch version of the game has added a number of features to improve the gameplay experience for users, as well as new language options such as English, Chinese, and Korean.

    A Street Cat’s Tale will go on sale worldwide on March 12, with pre-orders beginning on the 5th of March on the Nintendo eShop.

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