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    Keep it in your pants (or your briefs) in this underwearfare that is Brief Battles, available for the Switch!

    Ever wondered if you could control characters in their undies and duke it super smash style with other characters? Well, apparently we aren’t the first people who have thought of such a game! Juicy Cupcake has announced the arrival of Brief Battles for the Nintendo Switch.



    The ultimate underwearrior’s go into battle!

    Brief Battles is what it would seem at first, a bunch of characters in their undies taking on other undie-cladded warriors to see who reigns supreme. But its much more than that. Wage family-friendly underwearfare with powerful undergarments that bestow special abilities, from ranged sticky goo bombs with Toxic Tighty-Whiteys, to becoming an unstoppable cannonball with Buns of Steel. A whole plethora of weapons are at your disposal, just don’t dispose your briefs!

    With local multiplayer modes including Classic Battle, Hold The Gold and Underpants Collector, there are ample opportunities to kick enemies’ butts throughout 50 hand-crafted arenas. Unlock crossover skins inspired by popular indie hits from beautifying bare bottoms with Yooka-Laylee Violet (Yooka-Laylee), CommanderVideo Chad (Bit.Trip.Runner), Machinarium Tubbins (Machinarium), Goo Kevin (World of Goo) and more.

    Key game features:-

    Local multiplayer mayhem: Gather up to three friends, cheek-to-cheek on your couch to dominate in classic or ridiculous underpants-themed game modes.

    Solo & co-op challenges: Test your skills in solo challenges or battle beasties with a friend!

    Nimble underwearriors: Play as one of six cute, plump, wobbly characters and unlock charming crossover skins.

    Super-powered undies: Conquer foes with buns of steel, toxic tighty-whities, flaming hot pants, and more!

    Attractive arenas: Battle in 50 unique and treacherous 2.5D arenas, across five regions.

    Play at your pace: Underwearriors can push their skills to the limit to reach the hardest challenge goals, while accessibility options open the game up to everyone.

    Free updates: No paid DLC. No butts about it.

    Brief Battles is now available for the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop.

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