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    June 2020 update for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI brings new factions and more

    The June 2020 update introduces Red Death to the game, the new iteration of for the battle royale mode, where up to 12 players compete in a free-for-all battle to escape a dying planet that is engulfed in the Red Death – a growing storm of radioactivity. In this new update, two new factions have made their debut onto the battlefield – Zombies and Aliens! you read that right!

    The game’s content roadmap has also been updated to future-proof their community. Players can rest assured that updates have been confirmed until Q1 2021 as of now. more details should arise soon on the upcoming updates.


    More details of the factions will be revealed closer to the release date. This update also fixes a few exploits in Civilization VI, such as being able to choose multiple Pantheon bonuses, and tweaks the yields on some Natural Wonders, and also some changes to the factions from Season 1. Be sure to check out the websites and socials of Firaxis Games and 2K to find out more information regarding Civilization VI.

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