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    Jubei, Earthquake and Hanzo joins the fray in Samurai Shodown

    Dual wielding samurai Yagyu Jubei is being reintroduced in this latest trailer for Samurai Shodown by SNK featuring his style of Yagyū Shinkage-ryū with double multi slashing, piercing and counter attacks.


    Bigger in size, Earthquake is perceived to be large but skilled in some form of ninja arts as well, wielding his kusarigama with dodge, poison, teleport, counters and spinning explosive attacks of his own.

    The mightiest Iga ninja, Hanzo with his multiple air and land surprises as he teleports behind or counter while jumping.

    Video below provided courtesy by Canal Solutions 2GO.

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    The first 6 months DLC will be free to anyone who buys the game and redeems the season pass within the first week of release, including 4 new fighters.

    The game will slash its way for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One into North America and Europe on 25th June 2019, while the arcade version will release this summer 2019, followed up with Nintendo Switch and PC for a cold winter 2019.

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