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    John Wick Hex: A ‘Gun-Fu Featurette’ video

    A new video surfaced recently showcasing the behind-the-scenes work that went on to capture the actual move sets of the John Wick film and translate it to their noir art style game, John Wick Hex. Video is provided by publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and portrayed by developer Bithell Games.

    To make a John Wick, You have to be John Wick

    Mike Bithell, writer and director of John Wick Hex game gets schooled martial arts style from stunt coordinator Jonathan Eusebio of 87Eleven Action Design (John Wick series), getting a feel on how John Wick analyzes and executes the moves in a fast-paced manner. With that in mind, it allows players to choose moves with that risk in mind and not to mention with limited ammo. Making use of any tools under different type of situations you find on the job.

    The game is currently in development for PC and unannounced consoles. Stay tuned for more. Below is the revealed E3 2019 gameplay if you have missed out, video provided by Meteorite Games:

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