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    Introducing a comedy puzzle adventure game about life of death, Felix the Reaper

    An interesting take on the grim reaper showcases Felix The Reaper as a chubby reaper learning how to dance, as announced by developer Kong Orange in collaboration with publisher Daedalic Entertainment. Look at behind the scenes trailer to know more on what it’s all about.


    You are the grim reaper

    As ordered by Ministry of Death, ending humans lives is no fickle matter as Felix can only move in between the shadows, but fortunately he is also able to move the sun itself to manipulate the shadows of his surroundings. Each scenario puzzles will bring him closer to his ultimate goal which is to dance with Betty the Maiden from the Ministry of Life.

    Key Death Dancing Features

    • Unique art and game play about a romantic comedy of death. Set in a beautiful yet gruesome world.
    • Featuring original music from a dozen independent musicians. Use Felix‘s Walkman to listen to many variants of indie music artists.
    • Dance your way through 20 story levels, with optional hardcore difficulty and time trials in each.
    • Watch the adorable Felix dance, developed by professional dancers.
    • Experience a fantastic world inspired by and showcasing nearly 1,000 years of art and storytelling depicting Death across multiple cultures.

    This romance of death will be coming to you on October 17, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Xbox version will be available on both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at launch.

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