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    Psychological fears come to life when In Sound Mind releases on September 28th for Next Gen Consoles, Switch and PC

    Modus Games has released a new trailer for the upcoming psychological horror game In Sound Mind that walks players through many of the puzzles and environments they’ll encounter as they dive into the psyches of varied individuals.

    As therapist Desmond Wales begins to search through his patients’ minds, he must uncover what links them all together and find the truth of what has happened to the town of Milton Haven before he himself becomes a victim of his own mind. In Sound Mind will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X on September 28th. The Nintendo Switch version will be available later this year. The demo is available on Steam.

    In Sound Mind is a first-person psychological horror experience that pits players against the unpredictable dangers stirring within memories. Created by the team behind the legendary Nightmare House 2 mod, In Sound Mind twists seemingly simple recollections into shocking encounters with terrifying threats, unbelievable scenes, and a mysterious talking cat for good measure.

    Psychological fears come to life when In Sound Mind releases on September 28th for Next-Gen Consoles, Switch, and PCKey Features

    • A New Survival Horror Experience From The Creators of The Legendary Nightmare House 2
      We Create Stuff, the team behind one of the highest-rated mods of all time returns with an unexpected spin on the horror genre
    • Experience A Series of Haunting Memories
      Journey through a progression of unsettling stories, each with unique puzzles, mechanics, weapons, and boss fights.
    • Overcome A Cast of Terrors
      Confront those who stalk you in a series of daunting boss fights and learn how to defeat them by solving mind-bending puzzles.
    • An Eerie Soundtrack By The Living Tombstone
      The internet icon lends his distinct sound to this next-generation psychological thriller, with a distinctive song for each story.
    • Unexpect The Expected
      Explore an imaginative and disorienting narrative, featuring sentient mannequins, a feline companion, and much more. And yes, you can pet the cat.
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