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    Immortals Fenyx Rising presents the Myths of the Eastern Realm Launch Trailer

    Ubisoft recently released a new DLC for the action-adventure Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, PC, Stadia, and Amazon Luna. Immortals Fenyx Rising players can grab it as part of the Season Pass or as a separate purchase, and it’s also available with a Ubisoft+ subscription.

    Game details as shown on the official website:

    Delivering a new world, hero, and storyline inspired by Chinese mythology for Immortals Fenyx Rising players. Unfolding separately from the main campaign, the new DLC is based loosely on a myth known as Nuwa Mends the Heavens, in which the Chinese goddess Nuwa restores balance following a disastrous war in Heaven. Into this story steps Ku, a new hero and the last remaining human after a catastrophic event tears a massive rift called the Scar into the sky.

    Led by Ubisoft Chengdu, Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm is shorter than the main campaign but features a complete, self-contained story with a wealth of content spread across three distinct biomes. The new world is filled with environmental puzzles to solve, roaming monsters to fight, and other activities to discover – along with some new twists and unique touches that give the DLC a flavour all its own.

    Live Myths Unexplored in Western Games

    For many players, Immortals Fenyx Rising – Myths of the Eastern Realm will be an introduction to Chinese mythology, which is largely unexplored in videogames and is portrayed here with the same punchy irreverence that helped make Immortals Fenyx Rising so much fun. As the plucky-but-occasionally befuddled Ku, players work to help Nuwa pull the world back from the brink of primordial chaos (and to convince her to stop acting like he’s a child who keeps wandering off and getting into trouble). Along the way, Ku will enlist help from other mythic figures, including dragons and Gong Gong, the last descendant of a clan of exiled gods in a perpetual state of rebellion against Heaven.

    Players can discover more mythological lore by exploring the new open world, which is perched above a sea of clouds and split into two legendary realms, each filled with Chinese architecture and mythological elements: Peng Lai, a blooming, verdant paradise; and Bu Zhou, the rocky, rugged home of the rebellious Yan Di clan. It’s also home to Bu Zhou Mountain, an icy, mythologically important conduit between Heaven and Earth – and ground zero for the Scar.

    Unleash Martial-Arts Mayhem

    Naturally, this new world is crawling with monsters. The soldiers of Heaven have been corrupted by the Scar’s chaos, and they’re joined by creatures that range from the small, winged Yu Ren and snakelike, poison-spitting Fei to the towering Sheng Sheng, a monstrous apelike creature said to be attracted to sin. Fortunately, Ku begins the adventure already a powerful warrior, wielding powered-up versions of familiar godly abilities and starting with enough health and stamina to overcome most open-world obstacles. He’ll find ways to grow even stronger over the course of the adventure, along with a pair of wings and new gear that – once the DLC is completed – can transfer over to the main campaign as cosmetics.

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    In addition to his powers, Ku packs a Jian sword, an axe, and a bow, all of which he can use to rain down punishment with a new fighting style inspired by Chinese martial arts. As you cleave your way through monsters and rack up combos, you’ll notice a new gauge pop up onscreen and begin to fill. This is the God Seal, a three-tiered meter that can augment two of Ku’s abilities: the Blades of Huang Di, which launches Ku (and any smaller nearby foes) skyward with an upward thrust; and the Axe of Yan Di, which smashes enemies with a downward strike from a massive axe. As the God Seal fills, activating the Blades of Huang Di will also unleash a storm of flying blades that home in on enemies, while the Axe of Yan Di generates a fiery shockwave that deals massive physical and stun damage to everything in its path. The more you fill the God Seal, the more powerful these effects become.

    Harness Clouds, Wind, and Music

    Peng Lai and Bu Zhou are filled with activities to discover and pursue, including environmental puzzles and navigation challenges that hide resource-filled chests and other rewards. Many of these are completely new, with elements like networks of windmills that have to be turned (by firing arrows) to redirect their air currents or weighted cubes that can change their size and mass when hit. Flipping-tile mural puzzles can reveal interesting tidbits about Chinese myths, musical puzzles challenge Ku to clear a path to quickly strike huge bells in sequence, and Sunchaser Challenges push him to keep up with a glowing, three-legged crow as it soars through obstacles and hazards.

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    It’s in the Ruins of Heaven – the DLC’s take on the Vaults of Tartaros, which dot the open world as big, painting-like portals – that these elements really pick up steam. Set in the abandoned halls of the gods, these dungeons introduce elements like floating, rideable clouds – which coast on air currents and dissipate if they collide with anything – and sequences of air rings, floating grapple points that Ku can use to telekinetically launch himself forward and build momentum for a glide. These can make for some of the trickier and more rewarding environmental challenges in Immortals Fenyx Rising (and, of course, there are optional paths for those who want more of a challenge – and a bigger treasure haul).

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