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    IESF holds a bidding event for the 14th Esports World Championship 2022

    International Esports Federation (IESF) is inviting potential hosts for IESF 14th Esports World Championship 2022.

    The Esports World Championship is IESF’s flagship competition and serves as the world’s only multi-game Esports tournament that features national teams. Athletes from over 60 nations have participated in the unique and vibrant event while representing their national flags. Upcoming Esports World Championships are expected to present more athletes from over 100 nations as IESF has expanded its member nations. Promo video for IESF 2021 below:

    The 12th Edition of IESF Esports World Championship in 2020 attracted over 1.5 million unique viewers across all of IESF’s platforms, and the tournament is set to build momentum and engage new fans in 2021 and 2022.


    Bid Process Overview

    Interested parties are invited to review the bid book for detailed information and requirements for hosting the event.

    The bid documents contain pages of useful information for prospective host cities of the 14th Esports World Championship, outlining the benefits for hosts, the social and environmental impact, and the revenue potential.

    1. To initiate the bidding process, interested parties should first download and review the bid information
    2. Potential hosts must submit a Letter of Intent by July 5th, 2021.
    3. Consultations with interested parties
    4. Application – A completed bid package
    5. Evaluation and Site Survey
    6. Presentation to IESF Voting Process
    “The IESF flagship event, the World Championships, which unites National Teams from over 100 countries across five game titles is now open for bidding. We are proud to announce the bidding process for the 14th edition of these World Championships 2022 and look forward to working closely with bidding nations during this process in order to ensure the best possible conditions for the Esports athletes and community. We are sure this event will enjoy worldwide media exposure and participation of more than 1000 athletes.”

    Vlad Marinescu – President, IESF


    “IESF Esports World Championship will bring the most contemporary Esports trend to your community. It will change the way of communication between generations and garner greater understanding between them. Join us and experience the most exciting sports we all can enjoy.”

    Youngman Kim – Vice President, IESF

    Visit the IESF official website for more information regarding this event.


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