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    Idle RPG MoeGirl GO! is arriving in Southeast Asia

    Perfect World Games has announced that its cute idle RPG mobile game MoeGirl GO! will be arriving in Southeast Asia in January 2021. The game will allow you to draw great heroines with tons of resources for free at the beginning of the game. Being a modern idle game, it barely needs any time or money as you can get stronger even while being offline.

    Here are the details for the game from the press release:

    Cute Heroines Heal Your Mind
    “MoeGirl GO !” adopts a cute cartoon style with lively characters, gorgeous skills and various scenes which will bring you an exotic game experience. You can summon historical celebrities from different ages, such as Raphael, one of the three great figures of Italian Renaissance, Diogenes, the representative of the cynicism school in ancient Greece, and Bedwell, one of the 12 Knights of the Round Table. Nearly one hundred celebrities will change into beautiful girls waiting for you to start an exciting adventure and save the world together with you!

    Idle Gameplay Frees Your Hands
    As a mobile idle RPG of the new generation, “MoeGirl GO !” will be a complete entertainment instead of a burden. You can claim not only tons of resources, but also gear, gold, diamonds and even rare heroes every day, which makes you become stronger without spending any money. In addition, whenever you go offline, your game income will still keep increasing. What you need to do is to claim your online rewards daily, which takes you a small amount of time only. You can save the world even when you are sleeping!
    “MoeGirl GO !” brings you a fantastic world, where you can enjoy the romantic adventure with beautiful girls as well as the thrilling experience of raising cute pets. Those rich elements will always keep you excited while the offline income will always make you become stronger. Your adventure is about to start. Look, those cute girls are ready. Take them to save the world!

    You can join MoeGirl Go! Facebook Page to get the latest news and details for this upcoming game.

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