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    iCandy’s Claw Stars Wins Google Play Best Of 2021 Award

    iCandy Interactive Ltd. is thrilled to announce that its latest game, Claw Stars, has won the Google Plays Best of 2021 Award for Best Pick Up & Play Game.

    This will give Claw Stars a special feature in Google Play’s Best of 2021 Campaign and will also appear in other Google channels. We would like to congratulate iCandy and Claw Stars for winning the award.

    Claw Stars’ award comes following a mega acquisition by iCandy which was
    announced on 19th November 2021. To recap, iCandy is to acquire renowned Southeast
    Asia-based game art and animation company, Lemon Sky Animation Sdn. Bhd. for a consideration of MYR135 million (USD 32.4 million).

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