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    Horror materializes in Silver Chains, coming to consoles early 2020

    From the devs over at Cracked Heads and publisher Headup Games, comes Silver Chains, a first-person horror-adventure game coming for consoles early 2020.

    Taking Déjà vu to another level

    You are in control of Peter, the protagonist of the game. You wake up groggy in the middle of the night after his car crashes into a tree. Unfortunately, you wake up in this huge mansion that oozes eerie and scary all over. Peter doesn’t seem to remember how he got in, but he soon finds out that he isn’t the only one in the mansion.

    As you try and find a way out of the house, you slowly uncover the dark secrets that the mansion holds. Peter then realizes from the clues that he found indicating that he actually visited the house before. Mind-boggling and scary as it goes!

    An entity lurks around the house that wants to claim its next victim, and that is YOU. Hide in closets, under beds ! that is your only arsenal of escape in this game. Peter will need your help in uncovering the mystery on how he is tied to this mysterious mansion and to finally get out of this place once and for all.

    Key features in the game:

    • An atmospheric horror experience: photo-realistic & detailed graphics bring the interior of an old abandoned mansion to life and an eerie soundtrack will fully immerse you into the game.
    • Story-exploration-game with puzzles and action elements: Unravel the mysteries of a huge mansion and gain entry into its hidden areas by solving puzzles
    • Beware the dangers lurking in the dark. This evil you cannot fight – run for your life or find a place to hide: Experience intense feelings of horror as you try to escape from the monster chasing you down.

    Silver Chains is set for release on all major consoles in Early 2020.



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