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    Hello Adventurer, Epic NPC Man series presents a 36 minutes movie titled ‘Baelin’s Route’.

    Viva La Dirt League presents a first Kickstarted movie project titled ‘Baelin’s Route’ based on the second longest-running series Epic NPC Man. The series consists of making short gaming skit parodying about game sentient NPCs encountering game logic, glitches, gameplay, players, and the environment in their everyday life. The series unfolds in multiple aspects of comedy, characterization, and gaming logic such as by example how a player skips an entire NPC’s dialogue just to realize that behind the scene, the NPC’s themselves tirelessly practices their scripts. Usually, the sketches last for about 2-3 minutes each however this is Viva La Dirt League’s first movie venture. Do check out the movie below:

    Movie story background from the Kickstarter page:

    Speaking the infamous line “Morning! Nice day for fishing ain’t it! Hu ha!”, repeatedly by NPC fisherman Baelin (Rowan Bettjeman). Baelin’s Route follows the computer character Baelin and his scripted loop around the fantasy world of Azerim. However, on this particular journey, Baelin bumps into a nasty Adventurer in the middle of an escort mission, overseeing a young NPC girl named Willow. After deciding he’s sick of the quest, the Adventurer turns on Willow to intentionally fail his quest, however, Baelin intervenes and saves Willow. It’s now up to Baelin to escort Willow through the harsh world of Azerim back home to her family.

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