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    Hellbreach: Vegas Presents A New Multiplayer Co-op Trailer and Kick-off Its Sign-up for the Steam Playtests

    Infinity Ape Studio, in collaboration with Iceberg Interactive, is thrilled to reveal now an exciting new multiplayer co-op trailer and an exclusive closed playtest program for Hellbreach: Vegas, offering players an opportunity to immerse themselves in the mayhem of this brutal and challenging wave-based first-person shooter. To give players a glimpse into the chaos that awaits them, Infinity Ape Studio and Iceberg Interactive unveiled the Hellbreach: Vegas multiplayer co-op trailer. This trailer showcases the game’s relentless combat, gruesome enemies, and immersive cooperative gameplay. Witness the gory battles, strategic cooperation, and heart-stopping moments that Hellbreach: Vegas.

    Hellbreach: Vegas plunges players into a relentless and merciless world where survival is paramount. With its intense violence and gore, this wave-based first-person shooter delivers an uncompromising experience that will push players to their limits. Infinity Ape Studio has meticulously crafted a game that combines visceral gameplay, stunning visuals, and heart-pounding action to create an unforgettable gaming experience to be played solo or as a squad with up to 4 players.

    In addition to the trailer reveal, Infinity Ape Studio and Iceberg Interactive are excited to announce the launch of the Hellbreach: Vegas closed playtest program on Steam. This exclusive program allows players to be among the first to experience the game, providing invaluable feedback to shape its final release. Playtest participants will have the opportunity to engage in brutal action, test the online multiplayer wave-based mechanics, and collaborate with their teammates to survive the onslaught of enemies.

    Players can sign up for the closed playtest here. To shorten the wait for the next playtest Hellbreach: Vegas will present an updated solo player demo during Gamescom 2023.

    Hellbreach: Vegas is scheduled for release on PC in Q4 2023, and the closed playtest program will play a crucial role in fine-tuning the game to ensure it delivers an intense and immersive gaming experience upon its official launch.

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