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    Heat and Run Gameplay Trailer mixes MOBA and 2D shooter elements

    Damnatio Games Studio presents the new gameplay trailer of Heat and Run that mixes both MOBA and 2D shooter elements in which players compete in teams composed of heroes and heroines, with the objective of destroying the opposing fire. Heat and Run is scheduled for release in Q1 2022 on PC.

    About the game

    Heat and Run is a team-based 2D MOBA Shooter. Choose a hero/heroine and equip them with a potent relic. Master your special skills and the art of block building. Get your Glocktail and Dynameats ready, dominate the arena with your teammates, and extinguish your opponent’s cursed blaze!

    Features as shared on Steam:

    In the heart of the lost and hostile island of Navadran, factions of the Empire and the Kingdom are constantly clashing for power. Both sides are consumed by the curse of Mavo, a colossus of flames from ancient times that once ravaged the island. Only when the opposing blazes are extinguished will they find some rest.

    Team up and choose one of the many heroes and heroines of Navadran Island, each with unique abilities to master. Employ your unique skills to help your team claim victory.

    Build blocks to move around the arena or to quickly build shield walls.

    Choose one of the 30 available relics to equip your hero/heroine and improve their abilities in the arena

    Show off your style on the battlefield with many cool skins: Hero aspect, Kill animations and Emotes!

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