HomeNewsNews editor simulator Headliner: NoviNews publishing soon this September!

    News editor simulator Headliner: NoviNews publishing soon this September!

    First launched for PC back in October 2018, Headliner: NoviNews by Unbound Creations will be launched on Nintendo eShop on September 5, 2019; pricing at $13.99 / £11.99/ 59.05 MYR. Check out its article based trailer below (Video credit to The Indie Diary):

    Decisions, decisions, decisions…

    Your job alone is to approve or reject articles, as simple as it may sound; it will shape the society as you walk the very of streets of Novistan. Be it riot, peaceful, graffiti, cameras or drones watching everyone in the streets. Yes, your stampers of green and red have an effect on how society reacts to a simple take on alcoholic beverages, all the way to the government. But don’t forget, your personal life is affected too including your loved ones and every decision you make takes a great toll on you as a person.

    Who are your loved ones?

    • Evie – Your immigrant co-worker; who worries about her health and xenophobia.
    • Brother Justin – a Struggling comedian with impostor syndrome and social anxiety.
    • Single father Rudy – Provides for his little girl by keeping his store afloat, while a competitor mega-mart opens next door.

    Each and every post you allow may shape their lives and beliefs. Other than that, you can rest and unwind at the comfort of your own home with a radio, or adopt a pet or a drone

    Feel the power to shape society this coming September 5, 2019, for Nintendo Switch, followed up with the announcement by publisher Chorus Worldwide that the game will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One coming December 2019.

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