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    Haunting up the household with Infliction, coming soon to consoles!

    Developer Caustic Reality and publisher Blowfish Studios brings to players Infliction, a psychological horror game that sets in a household with a dark past.

    Interactive nightmare in a seemingly perfect home!

    What was once a happy household, is now eerily mysterious and sketchy as you find yourself exploring the house after the inhabitants have left. You are tasked to wander this interactive home in search of clues and uncover the mysteries of what happened to the previous family and how you are to escape this hell hole!

    The mystery doesn’t stop there ! you soon find out there’s something out there lurking around the house, watching your every move, and isn’t looking to let you get out of this house alive. An entity that surrounds this house in darkness, it is always wandering around, just waiting for you to make that fatal mistake. Hide under tables and beds, harness light sources to temporarily slow down this entity as you progress in the game!

    Infliction will be available on the Nintendo eShop, Playstation Store and Microsoft Store later this year. Blowfish Studios will be showcasing the game during PAX West 2019.

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