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    Halloween and The Great Expedition Events Taking Place in Black Desert SEA!

    With the Halloween festivities and the Great Expedition updates continuing in Black Desert SEA, more in-game events have been prepared for Adventurers who seek special items and rewards. Game Packages are also available at a discount through the first week of November.

    The GMs have prepared a special event for Halloween. Adventurers are highly recommended to take screenshots of their gameplays in Black Desert SEA with the Halloween background, which will give them 2 Item Collection Increase Scrolls. Those with the best 5 screenshots will be rewarded with Halloween Furniture Sets, which can only be purchased through in-game shops. The GMs will also appear in their Halloween costumes in Velia on the evening of October 31, where fireworks will take place with the Golden Bell event running for an hour. In addition to the special GM events, Adventurers can continue to participate in seven different Halloween festivities including the Adventure Log event until November 6 while enjoying their time in a Halloween-themed Black Desert SEA.

    Additional events are also available in the Great Expedition to encourage more Adventurers to begin their new journeys in the ocean. Those who defeat Sea Monsters including Hekarus, Candidums, Goldmont Small, Medium and Large Battleships, and Black Rusts can receive 5 times more Sailing EXP until November 13. The Hot Time and Bartering events will continue to run until November 6, with special items such as Designs: Epheria Sailboat and Designs: Frigate and the opportunity for Adventurers to exchange a number of items for higher-level items still available.

    Moreover, Adventurers are encouraged to form a team and participate in the highly anticipated PvP mode, Arena of Arsha. A total of 100,000 Pearls will be provided to the winners, with 50,000 Pearls given to the first-place team.

    Meanwhile, Adventurers can now get a 40% discount on all Black Desert Game Access Packages only through the official website until November 6. Halloween Package DLCs are also available on Steam during the same period.

    Find more information about Black Desert SEA on the official website.

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