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    Glyph, a new 3D open-world platformer game is heading to Nintendo Switch on January 2021

    Made by indie developer Bolverk Games in Copenhagen, Glyph, a colourful and atmospheric 3D platformer game will be available for Nintendo Switch on January 11th, 2021.

    You play as a sphere-shaped mechanical scarab, named Glyph, from a third-person perspective. The player has to practice precision, speed and ingenuity to collect relics and artifacts, while exploring a series of highly varied, charming and treacherous levels.

    The end goal is to complete all the levels and restore the ancient temple city residing in the desert, which also functions as the game´s non-linear hub world.

    Key Features:

    • Explore expansive non-linear levels
    • Survive deadly traps and enemies
    • Perfect your skills and earn unique cosmetics
    • A game with endless speedrun potential
    • Easy to learn, satisfying to master
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