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    Giga Wrecker Alt.- Launch Wrecking Trailer

    Publisher Rising Star Games and developer Game Freak (Pokemon) have launched a trailer below for their upcoming game Giga Wrecker Alt.


    Turn rubbles into your advantage

    With a mix of platforming, beating enemies, exploration and physics, bring down those walls with collected rubble. You then convert your rubble, turning it into weapons which include blades, throw-able javelins, a drill, a big wrecking ball and also blocks to assist in platforming

    This game was previously released only for PC in February 2017. But consoles come with the following changes:

    • 20 new puzzle stages added to the campaign
    • New AI character will assists players who are stuck in difficult puzzles
    • “Ironman” hardcore mode
    • Overhaul of the original localization
    • Support multiple languages with the inclusion of Italian and Traditional Chinese languages. Previously supported Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

    Wreck more into your environment on PlayStation 4 on April 30, followed up by Switch on May 2, and Xbox One on May 3 respectively. For more on our previous coverage, click below:

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