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    ‘Ghostanoid’ On Nintendo Switch Is A Unique Ball-Breaker Challenging You To Clean Out Your Mansion From Ghosts

    JoyBits has announced their upcoming release of Ghostanoid for the Nintendo Switch, challenging you to become a heroic ghost-buster on a mission to clear out infested houses from its uninvited guests. Produced in a collaboration with Qplaze, this Arkanoid inspired block-buster is available for pre-order starting December 24th, 2020, with a generous 30% discount. Slated for an official release on January 21st 2021.

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    Ghostanoid is a fun game where you play the role of a newly recruited ghost-buster with the task of cleaning houses from tiny, evil and quick-witted ghosts! The problem is, these annoying creatures have become fond of their location and must be forced to vacate; they will toss objects at you, interfere with your job duties, and become an overall annoyance! To help you solve your job you are given a new super-durable platform with an advanced kinetic ball-system of demolition. But watch out for the Shaman Ghost – a pure demon of terror that can freeze you with fright!

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    Ghostanoid is a content-rich game full of great surprises! You have 3 diverse and difficult worlds to complete with a total of 78 fun-filled levels, and 3 additional secret levels to discover on your own. The game includes more than 13 different abilities for your bat and ball, and part of the fun is learning to master each option to your advantage. You must use all of your strength, skill, attentiveness and speed of reaction to evict the ghastly ghosts from the premises! Are you skilled enough to get the job done successfully?

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    Key Features:

    • Great HD Visuals
    • 3 Cleverly Designed Worlds
    • 75 Challenging levels & 3 Secret
    • 13 Types Of Bonuses
    • Fun, Casual Gameplay

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