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    Garena’s Call of Duty Mobile to celebrate its 1st Anniversary

    Today, Garena will roll out Call of Duty Mobile – Garena’s Anniversary Pass to mark an incredible milestone for the game, players, and the community across Singapore, Malaysia, and Philipines server. The Anniversary update will add many rewarding in-game events and special content that will be coming soon.

    This will also mark the start of Call Of Duty Mobile – Garena’s Battle Pass Season 11 which will begin on 15 October 2020.

    Explore the New Battle Royale Map – Alcatraz and Welcome to The Club.

    Call of Duty Mobile – Garena will be introducing a new battle royale map called Alcatraz. It is designed for close-range battle royale combat in a 40 player battlefield. The map supports classic 40 player battle royale (solos, duos, squads) in both FPP and TPP viewing modes.

    Almost make sure to visit The Club. It allows you to kick back and relax with friends. You can play a few rounds of Darts, Knife Hand or Arcade mini-games to collect Anniversary Points and unlock more rewards.

    The Anniversary You Don’t Want To Miss.

    In Season 11, the Anniversary Battle Pass offers four new epic characters Scylla – Future Vice, Spectre- Emoticon, Zero – Nebula, and Reaper Premium. All four characters and other great additions can be unlocked from the Anniversary Battle Pass from 15th October.

    Log In to Redeem Merc 5 – 1st Anniversary and Join the ROG Phone 3 Giveaway.

    Save the date! Players who log in on 15th October will be able to redeem the Merc 5 – 1st
    Anniversary character for FREE as well as other rewards.

    Players can follow Call of Duty Mobile – Garena Facebook page to receive updates on how they can stand a chance to win themselves a brand new ROG Phone 3 gaming smartphone.

    Fennec: The First Dual Wielding Weapon Arrives This Season!

    For its Anniversary month, Call of Duty Mobile – Garena will debut Fennec, a short-range
    high-speed SMG with high explosive force and large recoil force, which can be modified into
    dual-holding weapons to enhance explosive power. Do note that the Dual Holding Specialty is configured using Gunsmith. With its high fire rate and hip-fire accuracy, the Fennec is ready to steal the show this season. Fennec can be unlocked for free by completing Anniversary Battle Pass missions.

    Many more updates and optimizations are coming to Call of Duty Mobile – Garena this month. Be sure to log in and install the latest update to experience all the cool new features. Stay updated with the latest features via the official Facebook page.

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