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    Free-to-play tactical FPS- Shadowgun War Games achieves 500,000 Pre-Registration Milestone

    Indie studio MADFINGER Games recently celebrated their pre-registration campaign for their upcoming title Shadowgun War Games as it had hit half a million players putting the company on course for a promising launch when the game is released globally in early 2020.



    Since a prototype version wowed audiences at Gamescom last year, the studio is currently putting the finishing touches to a closed beta version. Players still have the chance to pre-register for Shadowgun War Games at this link provided.

    “It proves that the community can’t wait to get their hands on our latest game, and it encourages us to go the extra mile and make it absolutely perfect for players all over the world.”

    -Marek Rabas, CEO of MADFINGER Games.

    Shadowgun War Games will be paired with incredible graphics and intense 5v5 battles. Players choose from a gallery of heroes, each with unique personalities and skills to match their play style. With an emphasis on quick pick-up-and-play action, War Games offers truly console-quality team-based action for everyone with access to a mobile device.

    Announced for the mobile Android and iOS, Shadowgun War Games is currently still in development with no confirmed release date yet.

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