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    Free Fire MAX Official Launches Globally

    Garena is happy to announce that Free Fire MAX is now officially out in Malaysia and also globally on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The game offers the same Free Fire gameplay with new enhanced features.

    Create and play in your own custom maps with Craftland

    Craftland is a Free Fire MAX-exclusive feature that lets players create their very own maps and enjoy it with their friends – all from their mobile phones! Players can get creative and include various objects, buildings, structures, and decorations to their very own maps for a social and enjoyable experience with friends. This opens up doors for exciting custom room matches, as seen in the latest Moco Madness live stream event which was held earlier in September.

    Completed maps can be played by both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX players, with players able to share their custom maps for others to host. With the latest update. players can now like, subscribe, and share their favourite maps to show their support for the creators! The best maps will also be featured in the mode’s ranking system.

    Free Fire MAX offers more realistic maps

    Free Fire MAX delivers graphically enhanced maps, allowing players to appreciate the finer details of their favourite maps. Map effects have also been added to offer a more realistic in-game experience. This includes added effects across water bodies, safezones, and even with natural surroundings – players can even try shooting at trees to see leaves falling to the ground!

    A new map – Bermuda MAX – will also be added to Free Fire MAX. The difference for Bermuda MAX lies in the details. Bermuda MAX brings a redesigned Clocktower and Factory area, with detail added to both the inside and outside structures.

    Free Fire MAX delivers a more immersive gameplay experience

    Free Fire MAX sports both visual and audio updates, allowing players to immerse themselves deeper in their Free Fire experience.

    Animations of basic movements – such as running, jumping, crawling – have been enhanced to provide a smoother and more realistic experience. Special animations when players consume mushrooms and parachute into the map have also been added.

    Weapons within Free Fire MAX also received a visual and audio boost. Reloading animations of weapons have been reworked, with sound effects refreshed to offer more realism. Tracer and bullet hole effects have also been added to Free Fire MAX. Added tracer effects have been included for weapons, and bullet holes will appear on walls and certain structures in the map. Tracer effects will only be visible from the player’s perspective, so no added advantage is given to Free Fire MAX players.

    Continue to enjoy Free Fire with your friends

    Free Fire MAX is supported by Firelink, Free Fire’s in-house technology which enables complete interoperability between Free Fire MAX and Free Fire. This will enable players to:

    • Use their existing Free Fire account to login to Free Fire MAX.
    • Sync all accounts data – including account progress and game items – across both applications.
    • Play all game modes with all Free Fire players, regardless of the application that they use.

    Celebrate the global release with the Free Fire MAX Stream Geng!

    Lineup for the upcoming Free Fire MAX Stream Geng

    To commemorate the global launch, a 2-day streamathon with the Free Fire MAX Stream Geng will be hosted by local influencers. Join your favourite streamers as they explore all the new features coming to Free Fire MAX from 9am to 12am, on 29 and 30 September 2021.

    Malaysian Survivors can stand a chance to win legendary gun skins, like the Flaming Dragon AK47 and the Underground Howl M1014, when they tune in to the streams!

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