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    First look at a ‘non-linear RPG’ Dark Envoy

    After previously announcing Tower of Time, developer Event Horizon is not done with surprises yet as they have announced another new title Dark Envoy, loosely inspired by the likes of Divinity, Mass Effect, XCOM, and the Dragon Age series.


    The Old Races war with humans

    While the warring between both humans and the Old Races rages on, play as Kaela and Kiros repairing their parents’ broken airship seeking for adventure.

    Explore a free world with your base of operations Skyship and hunt for mythical locations offering procedurally generated dungeons with placed optional tactical objectives. However, explore and make choices wisely as the world has an in-game timer which may prove to be more challenging later on.

    Key Tactical Features

    • Turn-based combat with real-time pre-combat phase while evaluating between tactics and party power
    • Multiple endings alert as your choices as the player impacts the storyline
    • Choose between 15 unique character classes with skill trees depending on your preference and rare classes that need to be found or completing chained quests
    • Can be played either co-op, solo or a new mode Player-versus-World where one of the players act as the final boss in the game which is tasked to kill the other before he/she gains power
    • Promising title with a unique experience, retaining more replayability among players

    This game is set to launch next year in late 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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