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    Fire up your stoves and serve up piping hot pizzas in Pizza Simulator, coming to PC and all major consoles!

    Developer and publisher Gaming Factory is serving up a simulator that will entice every pizza lover everywhere! Pizza Simulator speaks for itself, a pizza-making simulator with a touch of business aspects for players to explore and play around with. Take a look at the trailer below:

    This dough ain’t big enough for two pizza joints!

    Too afraid of the risk to give it a shot because you know everything about making pizza and nothing about running a business? Or maybe it’s the other way round? Heck, even if you have no idea about either of the two, the Pizza Simulator is still for you! You’ll be able to experiment with recipes by mixing ingredients and sauces, compete with other players on establishing the business, and if you’re brave enough, even make the (in)famous Hawaiian pizza (sorry Italian friends). In the end, it’s your restaurant and your rules!

    Combine your simulation and strategic skills to overcome the obstacles you face in the game. Climb your way up the pizza ladder! from a broke dollar bill starter, to a multi-million dollar making pizza company! Oh no! what’s that? a rival pizza joint opened up next door? handle the situation professionally with dignity. Throw a stink bomb into their shop! Build the largest pizza franchise in the world or go broke while trying. Welcome to the world of Pizza Simulator!

    Main features:

    • Let’s make some pizza! Choose from more than 50 ingredients and go through trial and error while mixing them to finally find the one perfect recipe that all your clients will love.

    • Get ahead of your competitors. Compete with other players by trying to beat them with your pizza place rating, delivery speed, and prices, all of which are listed on the leaderboards.

    • Make the restaurant reflect your style. Enjoy countless options for customization that will allow you to create a truly one-of-a-kind pizza place.

    • Become a marketing master. In the end, advertising is the key to business success.

    • Handle delivery schedules. Everyone loves hot pizza and hates it when a cold one is delivered. Arrange routes and hire additional couriers to make sure your deliveries will always be on time.

    • Make good use of your management skills. Take care of your finances. Recruit experienced staff and lay off workers that don’t fulfill your expectations.

    Expect the arrival of Pizza Simulator for the PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021.

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