HomeNewsExplosion Bomberman-like game, Ponpu launches for current Gen consoles in Q2 2020

    Explosion Bomberman-like game, Ponpu launches for current Gen consoles in Q2 2020

    A welcoming edition of bombs on explosive fun with action game Ponpu by Zordix Publishing and developer Purple Tree Studio, filled with fast-paced game joined with up to four players via local match up.

    “It’s the kind of game where 1 match easily turns into 20, and we couldn’t be happier that Purple Tree Studio has entrusted us to help them launch this title to the global gaming audiences.”

    -Head Of Publishing Axel Danielsson

    “We are super excited to work with Zordix on Ponpu. They’re a perfect match to the game and Zordix is a company that has been growing for years with talented people. Together we will make an amazing, fun and weird game that will hit the hearts of the indie game lovers.”

    -Purple Tree Studios co-founder Pablo Purretti

    Key Explosive Features

    • Embrace non-stop everlasting fun, brawl explosive action
    • Throw or deflect bombs, be the last one standing
    • Supports Local Multiplayer
    • Unique art style

    Get your bombs ready as the game is announced for Q2 2020 on Xbox One, Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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