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    Explore the world of Amnesia without the anxiety of jump scares in the all new Adventure Mode

    A new mode has made its way to the 2020 horror game Amnesia: Rebirth. Fans are now able to experience this unique game safe from monsters, darkness and jumpscares.

    Swedish studio, Frictional Games, have launched Amnesia: Rebirth Adventure Mode on Steam,, and Epic Games Store, celebrating the release with a fantastic 40% discount. PlayStation owners will receive the update in the next few weeks. Check out Fredrik Olsson, Creative Lead of the game as he takes you through a brief introduction of the game below:

    Amnesia: Rebirth Adventure Mode is a new way to experience the fantastic quest of Tasi Trianon with its captivating narrative, cool environments, unique theme and challenging puzzles, without the anxiety-inducing, and very distressing elements present in the original game.

    The game is still the same at its core. Following the story of Tasi Trianon, she finds herself in the desolate landscape of the Algerian desert, battling against her fears and pain as she fights to save the ones closest to her. Amnesia: Rebirth will take you through a wide variety of uncanny environments, from scorched deserts and dark caves to forgotten ruins and alien landscapes.

    If you haven’t already picked up any of Frictional Games’ previous titles you can do so now at an 80% discount, as part of celebrating the release of the new free mode for Rebirth.

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