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    Evil West Is Seriously Fun, Take It From The Critics In The Accolades Trailer

    Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog are delighted to share an Accolades Trailer to celebrate the very warm welcome their new game Evil West has been receiving. Following its launch two weeks ago, the new third-person action-adventure set in a Wild West devoured by darkness has fittingly earned its spurns!

    Highlighting the action in satisfaction

    Evil West has been garnering plentiful favorable reviews, reflecting the game’s wickedly satisfying, gory combat action; the bold and effective mix of genres behind its twisted, never-before-seen fantasy version of the Old West; and the blast it all provides as an old-school, over-the-top experience.

    Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog are touched by so many warm words and thanking everyone for their reviews of the game so far. They cannot wait to hear more from both the press and the players, as they battle bloodthirsty monsters through the Wild West.

    Evil West is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. For our review of the game, check out the link provided.

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