HomeNewsReality-Bending RPG Everhood groves onto Nintendo Switch and PC now

    Reality-Bending RPG Everhood groves onto Nintendo Switch and PC now

    Everhood, the unconventional RPG adventure from Foreign Gnomes where nothing is as it seems, explores the boundaries of existence and rocks out to musical battles on Nintendo Switch and Steam now.

    “Everhood began as a side project between my co-developer Jordi Roca and me. Since then, it’s evolved into the strange, vibrant, and mysterious game that we are so proud to share with everyone on Nintendo Switch and Steam today. Sign the contact, sell your soul, and join us in Everhood!”

    Chris Nordgren – Co-founder, Foreign Gnomes

    Welcome to Everhood, a bizarre realm located on the edges of space and time. Its inhabitants are a peculiar lot. These otherworldly entities spend their days wandering labyrinthine castles. Clubbing and board games are popular pastimes here, as well. That is, until a gnome steals an arm from Red, the wooden doll. A seemingly simple quest to reclaim it begins to pull at the fraying threads of this strange world, unravelling a mystery and reality in the process.

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    Go on a trip through the doors of perception. Explore fantastical environments in the hunt for the pinched limb. Play hide and seek with animate mushrooms in the forest, win carnival prizes, and race go-karts against colourful characters like mages, sentient save points, robots, and vampires.

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    • Groove to music based battles
    • Embark on a 5-6 hour journey with many twists and turns
    • Expect the unexpected
    • Enter a wild world with visceral visuals accompanied by magical music
    • Conquer a great challenge that awaits the bold…

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