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    Etherborn launches this coming Spring 2019

    A multi-directional gravity shitting puzzle platformer, Etherborn has been announced by publisher FoxNext Games and for the humble bundle with their developer Altered Matter launching for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this coming spring 2019. Check out the trailer below:

    You are a voiceless, transparent being

    An elegant leap in platforming, you play as a voiceless being being born in a world, making a journey in order to reach this ethereal voice to fully realize the reason of your existence.

    Bend the law of physics based on your imagination in this navigation based puzzles as you explore, manipulate and shift your gravity gear in order to move forward. This game will be available in multiple languages:

    • English (audio and text)
    • Spanish (audio and text)
    • Catalan (audio and text)
    • French (text), German (text)
    • Italian (text), Russian (text)
    • Simplified Chinese (text)
    • Japanese (text)
    • Korean (text)

    Key features in this platformer:

    • Gravity-shifting platforming
    • Surreal level designs
    • Navigation based puzzles with a unique sense of gravity
    • Dynamic soundtracks in each level

    Exact dates are unknown for now but this game will be released this coming spring 2019.

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