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    Enter a fast paced roguelike action game, Metallic Child 2nd trailer

    Previously announced based on our coverage last year by developer Studio Hg, roguelike action game Metallic Child starts off with Rona escaping her prison by defeating any robots on the way. With multiple weapons to choose from with their own skillset, 4 different combat styles and she is able to consume enemy cores to upgrade herself.


    Game combat features:

    • Use input combinations of high attacks, low attacks and grappling skills.
    • If your enemies are defending, just catch them and throw.
    • If enemies use a low blow, just jump or block the attack like a fighting game.
    • Use critical takedowns to deal loads of damage.
    • Cause environmental hazards to your enemies.
    • Control a mech to deal more damage.
    • Shoot enemies from the top with turrets.
    • Robot arms for rocket punch.
    • Upon boss fights, you can pick up barrels as a means of explosive.

    This game is due for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam this Summer 2019.

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