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    Elite Dangerous is bringing that Niel Armstrong moment in Odyssey

    Frontier Developments has long teased the idea of planetary exploration on foot for Elite Dangerous. This time that will definitely become a reality very soon for Elite Dangerous fans.


    The latest expansion called Odyssey will enhance further experience for many long-time Elite Dangerous fans. The game’s developer has offered a more preview look on what’s to come on this upcoming update. Few of Frontier’s key people which includes Game Director Piers Jackson and more have come out to share what to expect on different aspects of the update.

    In the latest trailer, the first highlight is definitely the exploration aspect. Elite Dangerous has always primed itself for its exploration experience. With Odyssey, there will on-foot exploration on atmospheric planets. For the very first time for Elite Dangerous, you will be able leave your spaceship and venture out and discover a brand new experience on every planet you will come across.


    The on-foot exploration is a game changer for Elite Dangerous. The development team has painstakingly crafted amazing details on every planet such as alien vegetation. The Floras are also given an amazing attention to detail, making sure they are distinguishable and recognizable.

    Furthermore, many of these exotic floras can be analyzed to obtain genetic information through a Sampling Tool. With the data, players can profit from them by trading them at star ports.

    From the trailer, we can see the level of details on many of the planets have been given some new layers of detail. This also include planets that have already been discovered prior to Odyssey. The update is to give players that ‘Niel Armstrong’ moment on every new planet you discover.

    Elite Dangerous: Odyssey launches in early 2021. It will be available for Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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