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    E3 @ 2019 – Highly-Acclaimed MMORPG Black Desert Coming To PS4 This Year.

    Developer Pearl Abyss has announced at the E3 that their highly-acclaimed and successful MMORPG IP, Black Desert, is finally coming to PlayStation 4 in 2019. Pre-orders will open on July 2 which includes early access to the full game and in-game rewards.

    A Greater Success Awaits?
    In a Press Statement issued by Pearl Abyss back in April, it was revealed that Black Desert has made 1Billion in Gross Sale from the franchise alone and that the franchise now has 18 million registered users across 150 countries on PC, mobile (iOS, Android) and Xbox One.

    This new announcement now means that Pearl Abyss will stand to gain even more financially and player base wise from the already lucrative Black Desert franchise.

    “Our team has been working diligently to make Black Desert the best that it can be, and we’re finally ready to reward our patient player base,” said Black Desert lead producer Kwangsam Kim in a press release. “If you’ve been looking for an open-world action MMORPG on the PS4 with deep personalization to fit your gameplay experience, we encourage you to pre-order this July.”

    Features on the PS4. 
    The PlayStation 4 version of Black Desert will include remastered graphics and audio, an optimized user interface created for a console experience and 4K resolution support on PlayStation 4 Pro.

    Besides the announcement of release on PlayStation 4, it has been announced that Black Desert Mobile will launch globally in 2019 for iOS and Android devices.

    Black Desert is already available to play on Xbox One and PC. The PlayStation 4 version will be coming in 2019 with the Pre-Order opening on July 2. Those wishing to Pre-Register or Pre-Order when the time comes can visit here.

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