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    Dune: Awakening Direct Reveals What Makes It An MMO In New Major Showcase

    Dune: Awakening, the Open World Survival MMO set on Arrakis from developer Funcom, unveiled the second Dune: Awakening Direct.

    The showcase below offers 30 minutes of in-depth interviews and game footage showing character creation, the MMO-like server structure, the narrative ramifications of a world where Paul Atreides was never born, and the spiritual journey the player will undergo in the game, following in the footsteps of the Fremen.

    Dune: Awakening, which recently shot past 1 million wishlists on Steam, draws on the visual and aural identity created by Denis Villeneuve and Legendary’s recent blockbuster movies and is deeply rooted in the original masterpiece by Frank Herbert.

    About the World

    The game unleashes you on a vast and open Arrakis torn by war, where you must survive and strive for control of the spice alongside hundreds of other players.

    Premiered at Summer Game Fest, the Story Cinematic – The Vision of Paul Atreides, revealed the alternate timeline that Jessica Atreides creates by choosing to give birth to a daughter instead of Paul, beginning a cascading chain of events.

    Paul’s absence leads to a huge power vacuum into which players will venture, creating their own story.

    Character Creation

    “Expression and customization” is one of the core pillars of Dune: Awakening. To showcase a part of that, the Direct shows off the robust in-game character creation tool.

    Choose every detail of your appearance, then your home planet, and even your mentor’s specialization, such as Mentat, Swordmaster, or Bene Gesserit, which determines your starting abilities.

    Creative Director Joel Bylos also dived into the server structure and the Overland Map, which connects various massive sandbox maps, allowing for a larger number of players in each, both of which set Dune: Awakening apart from many other survival games.

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