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    DNF Duel Brings In New Fighters – Ranger & Hitman Alongside Open Beta Test Announcement

    It’s showtime! as NEXON announces two new fighters and an open beta test for DNF DUEL will begin on December 18th and be available through December 20th for PlayStation users globally including North America, Europe, Japan, and Asia.

    Source: DNFDuel

    DNF DUEL is being co-developed by Nexon’s subsidiary, NEOPLE INC., and acclaimed Japanese studio, Arc System Works Co., Ltd., best known for the fighting games, Guilty Gear series, and BlazBlue.

    Built on the world’s leading game engine Unreal Engine 4 provided by Epic Games, DNF DUEL provides high-quality graphics that render Nexon’s beloved Dungeon & Fighter IP characters. DNF DUEL will be available for PC, in addition to console devices including PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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