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    Die by the Blade developers show off first In-Depth gameplay video from the studio

    Publisher Grindstone and developers Triple Hill Interactive and Toko Midori have released a brand new gameplay walkthrough video of their upcoming one-hit-kill sword fighting game Die by the Blade. The video hosted by Peter Adamondy, development lead at Triple Hill Interactive, showcases some of the basic controls of the game and dives deeper into other aspects that will be coming to the game once it hits the Steam Store in 2021. Take a look at the video below:

    Die by the Blade is a one-hit-kill sword fighting action game where players must take up their weapons and face off against deadly opponents. Choose your character, select your blade and engage in 1 vs 1 combat where the slightest mistake could seal your fate. Become a master of your craft and fight to the death with other players in tense, fast-paced multiplayer matches or slash through tough AI enemies in the thrilling single-player campaign.

    Heavily inspired by the likes of Bushido Blade and Way of the Samurai, fans and past players of these titles will tread on familiar ground when taking up Die by the Blade when it launches next year.

    Reaching their target from its Kickstarter program, Die by the Blade‘s first goal activates the addition of deadly ranged weapons to add to the arsenal of swords available for players to choose. Each character will have a special ranged weapon that can be used once in each round. Players will be able to block this with their sword, but timing will be crucial. The Kickstarter campaign will finish on 13th November so there is still a chance for fans to back the game and help shape the future development of this long-awaited homage to classic sword fighting games.

    Some features of the game:

    • 1 versus 1 Local, online and singleplayer sword fighting simulation with realistic combat system inspired by legendary Bushido Blade
    • One hit kill mechanic and complex parrying and blocking system
    • Fighting style not tied to selected character, but weapon
    • Many unique characters to choose from
    • Wide range of customization options
    • Various game modes including Practice, Tournament and Ranked online mode
    • Unique “Samuraipunk” art style merging tech punk and Japanese-inspired aesthetics


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