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    Debut Trailer for the Japanese inspired shooter Dark Gravity

    The independent Polish studio, Korgorus, announced its upcoming project Dark Gravity in collaboration with publisher Ultimate Games S.A. An intense shooter inspired by classic Japanese shooters, such as Radiant Silvergun or Ikaruga that focuses on single-player gameplay. Korgorus studio is placing more focus on a high level of difficulty, a nonlinear campaign mode and large amounts of enemies and bosses.


    Set in the Future

    The game will be seated in the futuristic reality after World War 5. The player will take on the role of a pilot, whose fate is thrown into a whirlwind of events like a good technothriller.

    The project alludes to classic Japanese shooters from years ago. Among the inspiration behind Dark Gravity are, e.g. Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun and Zero Gunner. Of course, there are here unique features that will make this title stand out from other productions. It is not only about stylized low poly graphics but an intriguing story and the large possibilities of crafting and expanding the fighter jets”

    Originator of the game and founder of Korgorus studio, Rafał Szewczyk.

    Dark Gravity will offer very fast and intense fun, full of shooting and destruction, but also collecting resources and expanding the fighter jet. In total, players will find in Dark Gravity 17 highly-diversified missions, 34 bosses, 8 fighter jets and a whole lot of additional elements.

    The difficulty level will be very important – the game at the highest level will be significantly different from the normal level. The higher the level, the more the challenges, new enemies, new bosses, and additional secrets. Importantly, there are also big differences concerning fighter jets. Each of them will have its own unique character and the weaponry can be adapted to your own preferences. All this will additionally increase the life of Dark Gravity”Rafał Szewczyk
    The main features of Dark Gravity:
    • Quick and intense gameplay;

    • The nonlinear campaign, intriguing history;

    • Stylish, low poly graphics;

    • 3 different difficulty levels;

    • Crafting and expansion of fighter jets;

    • 34 bosses;

    • An additional mode of survival.

    Dark Gravity is set up for release in the fourth quarter of 2020 for PC, while the releases of the game for Nintendo Switch is also initially planned and may also appear on other consoles. Check out the initial gameplay trailer below:


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