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    Death’s Gambit: Afterlife brings in a whole new experience

    Publisher Serenity Forge and developer White Rabbit revealed that Death’s Gambit: Afterlife comes with multiple additions of upgrades, additions, skills, tweaks that make the game anew even with revamped level designs, doublings its size. Death’s Gambit Afterlife is coming to Switch, PC, and PS4 in 2021. Check out the features overview trailer below:

    Death’s Gambit: Afterlife is a 2D action Metroidvania that builds on and refines the original Death’s Gambit experience. Using an array of equipment, weapons, and abilities, Sorun must fight his way through the kingdom of Siradon to rid the land of its curse and fulfill his agreement with Death. Afterlife offers a wealth of new features and changes, including reworked movement, fine-tuned encounters, new bosses, levels, and more!

    Metroidvania Upgrades

    Afterlife features new movement and attack mechanics that the player must find in order to access levels.

    Expanded World

    All levels in the base game have undergone restructuring and expansion. The game world has doubled in size, featuring 10 new levels on top of the original 11, to be one of the biggest Metroidvania games on the market.

    New Bosses and Reworks

    Four bosses have been improved upon, and there are now brand new bosses.

    Expanded Talents and Weapons

    The total amount of talents and weapons have been drastically increased. Now, each class has its own talent tree, and each weapon type has at least two new versions.

    Crafting and New Game +

    Players can scavenge, hunt, and dismantle equipment to craft certain equipment/items. In New Game +, there are now new enemy variants and modifiers that players will encounter for the first time.

    Game Features in Summary

    • A complete mechanical revamp, including fine-tuned encounters, improved movement and expanded crafting
    • Alternate endings to achieve as the story progresses
    • Over 30 weapons total, with new talents for each weapon
    • 6 new bosses to fight, on top of the original 14
    • A massively expanded new world to explore, adding 10 new levels to the original 11
    • A new map to navigate Siradon

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