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    Dark Deity Tactically Strikes Steam release during E3 2021 showcase

    Dark Deity, the turn-based tactical RPG inspired by the genre’s classics from developer Sword and Axe, lands a critical hit launch on Windows PC via Steam, as revealed during publisher Freedom Games E3 2021 showcase.


    Taking inspiration from beloved tactical role-playing games, Dark Deity takes its turn bringing a genre back to its roots. Thirty voiced characters featuring the talents of actors such as Kira Buckland (Nier Automata, Persona 5 Strikers, Demon Slayer) breathe new life into classically styled pixelated characters. Every army takes turns each round moving individual units fulfilling fan-favorite roles, including mages and archers to warriors and clerics.
    More than 50 unlockable classes await, providing a diverse crew ready for any situation, but don’t forget; when characters die they stay dead for the rest of the story. The Grave Wounds system, however, avoids the harshness of immediate perma-death. Units can recover a handful of times before succumbing to their injuries. Meanwhile, characters that take actions near one another will bond and unlock one of over 450 interactions resulting in hundreds of pairings.
    The story follows Brookstead Military Academy recruits Irving, Garrick, Maren, and Alden as their training and graduation are expedited in response to King of Delia violating a thousand-year-long pact. Being thrust into a complex war, the quartet readies themselves for the possibility of never returning home. Compelling stories, striking character designs, and expressive combat pixel art solidify the early 2000s era Dark Deity aims to emulate.
    “As fans of this cornerstone RPG variant genre, getting the chance to make our own take on it is something we used to only dream of – With the first IPs that paved the way for this genre going in different directions, we knew there was an audience out there craving something that felt classic but also new. The release is right around the corner, thank you to our community for helping us get to this point!”

    Chip Moore – Game Director, Sword and Axe

    More Game details as shared on Steam:

    Command legendary heroes to reshape a land fractured by broken oaths, reckless wars, and secret arcane powers. The technological and cultural achievements of a once-great civilization now lie locked inside the ruins of ancient temples throughout the world of Terrazael. Long after society’s mighty history is snuffed out by a powerful and mysterious “Calamity”, the people of Etlan teeter on the brink of total war.

    In a desperate attempt to bolster his recruit ranks, King Varic of the Kingdom of Delia expedites the graduation of all students at the Brookstead Military Academy, severing a pact that has stood for a thousand years. With the course of their future undemocratically derailed, these four “graduates” of the Brookstead Academy set out to leave their mark on this world.

    This is their story.

    Strategize through 28 chapters of iconic turn-based combat scenarios and objectives that will put your tactics to the test while your units earn hard-fought experience and recover from the scars of grave wounds.

    Choose between 54 distinct character classes, each with their own skills and capabilities, ensuring every playthrough is a unique one. Face a wide variety of enemies as you guide your units’ destiny toward their ultimate forms.

    Travel with 30 memorable playable characters with varied backgrounds, personalities, and motivations, as they set out to change Terrazael forever.

    Forge friendships as units bond together in the heat of battle. Character’s relationships evolve in over 400 different conversations that show a glimpse of life beyond the battlefield with real and tangible gameplay implications.

    Equip your team with a diverse array of hundreds of upgradable weapons and spells to gain an advantage at the edge of battle.

    Discover droves of divine and ancient artifacts scattered across the world that will transform the abilities and destinies of those who wield them.

    Dark Deity is available now on Windows PC via Steam for $24.99. A Deluxe Edition bundle is also available, including the OST and digital art book at a discounted price when purchased together. The OST and art book can also be purchased for $6.99 individually.

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